Calling worldwide as many intercessors and prayer warriors as possible, to take part in a prayer chain of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, by prayer groups and individual intercessors.

To be the centre of incoming and outgoing prayer traffic, both intercessory prayer and answers to prayer.
To be available on an interdenominational basis for everyone who has a need.
To give hope to every individual, as they know that there is worldwide prayer for their needs.


To set up, realize, effectuate and maintain a structure of incoming and outgoing prayer traffic.
By this is meant the receiving of prayer requests and answered prayers by way of mail, fax, telephone, E-mail, etc.
From people (churches and countries) in need, whatever their nationality, social status or religious background may be.
After having received the prayer requests – and also the Lord’s answers to prayer – we will send them to the prayer groups and individual intercesssors.
All mail is strictly confidential and if so desired, we will treat your sent-in prayer requests anonymously.

To have an open “prayer-line”, a telephone number one can call to pass on prayer requests, for which we will pray immediately.
To give telephonic assistance 24 hours a day. The person who rings, receives via an answering service encouragement and prayer.
One can also record one’s prayer request.

To instruct people concerning prayer by way of practical tips and scriptural passages. To publish folders, brochures, booklets, audio tapes (musical and instructive) of different authors and singers, to stimulate a better prayer life.

To show people the importance of prayer by making known the tremendous trouble and need in which many people in the world find themselves.
Also how God in answer to prayer can and will change their hopeless situation.

To organize special days of prayer and fasting and so pray together for the entire human race in need.
To wrestle in prayer for those who cannot hold on in prayer themselves anymore, such as people who are sick, worn or lost.
To pull down the bulwarks of satan in people’s lives and countries, by the power of prayer.